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About Wincal Bio

Wincal Biopharm (WincalBio) is focused on developing vascular therapeutics.  Our current focus is on developing eyedrop formulations for therapeutic antibodies using proprietary Ocular Penetration Carrier (OPC) screening platform to identify a matching antibody:carrier pair that allows therapeutic antibodies reach intraocular space including aqueous chamber, vitreous, retina and choroid, which is difficult without injection. This non-invasive eyedrop delivery of therapeutic antibodies without intravitreal injections opens up broader treatment opportunities for multiple intraocular diseases including wet AMD, DME, diabetic retinopathy, uveitis, geographic atrophy, thyroid eye disease and uveal melanoma to lower the treatment burden for both patients and clinicians.  It can be used as a monotherapy with FDA approved anti-VEGF antibodies as well as combination with other novel target antibodies including cytokine targets such as ILs (IL-1, IL-4, IL-6, IL-10, IL-17, IL-18, IL-23), TNFa, TGFb, FGF, PDGF, FasL, EGFR as well as ocular cancer targets (PD-1, PD-L1, CTLA4). Currently, anti-VEGF antibody is a lead program with preclinical  efficacy demonstration in mouse CNV model, and planning to do clinical studies in 2026 followed by other novel target antibody programs and combination programs. At Wincal Biopharm,  our commitment to in vivo science with a needle free drug delivery underpins to improve patient’s quality of life and compliance.

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About OPC Platform

Ocular Penetration Carrier (OPC) platform is an in vivo ocular penetration screening to quickly identify a matching cargo protein to carrier formulation from our proprietary carrier library. Delivered target protein localization from cornea, anterior chamber, vitreous, retina, choroid and optic nerve can be monitored with a labeled fluorescent signal. A wide variety of large molecule therapeutic candidates including Fab, scFv, IgGs, Fc fusion proteins, recombinant proteins and growth factors can be delivered to the back of eye. Our proprietary carriers were designed to facilitate large molecules to intraocular target area.


About Aflibercept-ED (WBP-101)

Aflibercept-ED (WBP-101) is an aflibercept/OPC eyedrop formulation to target retinal area without using needles. Aflibercept has been clinically well proven anti-VEGF therapeutics with the delivery route of intravitreal injections. WBP-101 eyedrop application can significantly improve ease of use and avoid injection related issues including pain, bleeding, infection or inflammation and may improve patient adherence rate by lowering treatment related burdens. Patients can easily apply eyedrops at home, which can replace IVT injection procedures for ocular disease treatment.

WBP-101 can be a primary monotherapy or can be used as a maintenance therapy after an initial IVT injection. Combination therapy is also possible by delivering different pathway blocking antibodies in a single formulation. Preclinical PoC in mouse (NV model demonstrated a comparable efficacy profile to the IVT injected.

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